Welcome to Clare’s ELT Compendium and thank you for your visit!

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This is a site I started to write so that I can share my passion for English language teaching with colleagues beyond my immediate teaching context. I am brimming over with enthusiasm and interest in so many different aspects of the profession of teaching English, and this is my outlet! I’m excited about sharing sharing and reflecting on my experiences, professional practices and ideas with ELT teachers, students and writers.

I do attempt to categorise the content to enable easy searching, and to avoid posting unrelated posts in a merely chronological fashion. Most of the content is particularly helpful for trainee teachers or those new to teaching, but the lesson ideas and other bits and bobs of inspiration will hopefully be of interest to all practising EFL or ESOL teachers. And I hope that teachers in many different contexts and at many different stages of their careers will interact with me though this platform, and join my on my continuous professional development journey!

For now, I wish you happy reading, and hope that you leave the site feeling informed and inspired!

And if you’d like to hear more from me, you can find me on Twitter under @Clare2ELT

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    1. Hi Magdalena! Did you read and like any of my articles? Please feel free to share your opinions!
      Unfortunately the link you included doesn’t seem to work… Do you want to try again?
      Thanks for your visit to my blog! Clare


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