Month: Apr 2013

Best languages to learn

A recent news item, The Telegraph's "Graduate jobs: Best languages to study", ranks German, French and Spanish as the most useful languages to learn in order to improve you chances of professional success. Interesting reading, but perhaps even more interesting are the questions which are raised by any discussions of this list: 1) The information … Continue reading Best languages to learn

Resources for Writing Academic Essays

Here are some more useful resources - this time based on writing academic essays. There are lots of discussion threads about this topic in various online forums, which can be confusing for students and teachers, so I thought I'd share the list of resources I recommend: WEBSITES MLA Citation style, the basics: APA Citation … Continue reading Resources for Writing Academic Essays

Resources for Giving Oral Presentations

Here are some resources I've found helpful for teaching EFL students how to give good presentations - focussing on structure and langauge etc. Maybe you'll find them helpful too! WEBSITES Brunel University’s centre for excellence guide to delivering presentations. Gillet, Andy. Using English for Academic Purposes: A Guide for Students in Higher Education: Speaking … Continue reading Resources for Giving Oral Presentations

Tenses To Go

  This post will endeavour to probvide a quick-reference guide to the English tenses (and aspects!). The key words should be enough to remind readers about the detailed usage rules, and also highlight differences between the various tenses and aspects in English. Talking about present time Simple Present: a regular or habitual action that is … Continue reading Tenses To Go