Month: Jun 2014

Use of tenses

Quiz Time! Please leave your answers in the comments box below. Each respondent should just make one point, so that lots of people can contribute! Sadly, I’m not able to give a prize for correct answers to the quiz questions, but joining the fun will surely give you a certain amount of kudos! 🙂 2) What verb forms … Continue reading Use of tenses

Improving the blog

Hi Everyone! Thanks for reading my blog! You may have noticed that I lost my blogging mojo for a while. Now I'm back "on it" 🙂 But I would like to keep my readers happy... so please vote in the poll below and let me know what you'd like to see more of! Thanks! Clare … Continue reading Improving the blog

English Language Teaching: Organisations you should know about

Teaching can sometimes be a rather lonely pursuit, especially for ELT teachers away from home  in foreign countries. It can also be a rather homogenising experience, if you're teaching in a specific context and only really have contact with teachers in the same situation as you. In both situations, I think many ELT teachers miss out … Continue reading English Language Teaching: Organisations you should know about

Ways to find ideas (for lessons, presentations, essays…)

As a teacher who assigns plenty of presentation and essay tasks to my student, I have long been convinced that freedom of choice is important. Very often, I let the students choose their own topic to write or present about; the theory being that if they are working on a topic that interests them, the results … Continue reading Ways to find ideas (for lessons, presentations, essays…)

George Orwell’s “1984″: Discussion Topics ANSWERS

It's taken a while ... but for those who've been hoping for suggestions of possible points to be covered in the various discussion tasks, here they are! I'm not calling them 'answers', since I think any teacher teaching the book should have read it and know the 'answers' that they are aiming for their class to … Continue reading George Orwell’s “1984″: Discussion Topics ANSWERS