Month: Jul 2015

#ELT Things I like right now: July 2015

Here's a list of things related to ELT that are making me happy right now, in no particular order. Just because. (Well, actually because I'm drowing in end-of-term marking and need to #staypositive !)  - Collins COBUILD Advanced Learner's Dictionary It's availavle to buy here and the free online version is here. I got an inspection … Continue reading #ELT Things I like right now: July 2015

#BridgingtheGapChallenge – Coping with Academic Reading

**GUEST POST** As part of the #BridgingtheGapChallenge, here is a summary of: Hirano, Biana. ‘I read, I don’t understand’: refugees coping with academic reading. ELT Journal, Vol. 69/2, April 2015: 178-187. written by my dear colleague Carol Ebbert! This study collected data over two semesters via interviews, class observations and written documents on seven refugee students … Continue reading #BridgingtheGapChallenge – Coping with Academic Reading

Little Rant: How to Write a Rubbish Essay

So, it's that time of the year when people are going to be writing final essays and term papers. So here's my helpful list of How To Write A Really Rubbish Essay: [And, yes, it is based on my frustration at the delightful essays I have just spent my weekend (free time!?!) marking!!] - Write about … Continue reading Little Rant: How to Write a Rubbish Essay