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Ice-Breaker: Find Someone Who…

Particularly for language learners, a comfortable atmosphere and a strong class community are important so that all students feel at ease trying out new language and experimenting with what they’ve learnt. They should feel comfortable speaking in front of the group, and not be scared of making mistakes.

Here’s a quick little task which can be done at the start of any new course to get the students mingling and talking to each other (in English!). You can also use it to revise forming questions in English – both yes/no questions and questions with wh- words. Simply copy enough sheets for each student, and tell they can only write down each person’s name once! You may need to adapt a couple of the items to your own teaching situation – try not to make it too easy, though!

The task will also help teachers to get to know their new students, as you can ‘save’ a bit of information with the students’ names in memory! Just make sure you have time to compare lists at the end of the lesson!

Enjoy 🙂

Find someone who …

–          doesn’t own a bicycle.

–          doesn’t eat meat.

–          has a parent who isn’t German

–          has been to a country you haven’t.

–          has already started Christmas shopping

–          is wearing a piece of jewllery you are not

–          whose middle name begins with M

–          is studying the same subject as you

–          likes all of the James Bond films

–          has read all of the Harry Potter books

–          was born in a different country to you

–          regularly does a sport you’ve never tried

–          drinks red wine

–          doesn’t have any older brothers or sisters

–          can touch their nose with their tongue