Who can help with my to-do list?

Who can help with my to-do list?

There seem to be a flurry of posts at the moment on how people are feeling, what they’re thinking, what’s going on in their lives. Maybe these posts are people sneakily trying to hit the record of 15 posts in a month set by Hana Ticha (See: #hanachallenge !). But people also often say that blogging is cathartic and can help clarify your thoughts. So here I am …. giving it a go… and I have some tricky to-dos that you can maybe help me with. 


I’m pleased to say I finished my marking from last semester! So now I’m on to planning my 8 classes for next semester, to start mid-October. For most things I’ll carry over the general outline from last year. But for the first-semester students it’s hard to plan because we don’t know how many we’re going to have! And, all of my British cultural studies textbooks are now out of date, thanks to the recent referendum and election. Don’t suppose anyone has any resources at C1 level about recent British politics??


I’ve recently been elected to the MaWSIG committee as a Joint Events Coordinator. Two of us were new to the team, and we’ve really hit the ground running. So far, I’ve been involved in setting up a competition (running now!) and organising a MaWSIG Strand at the TESOL Spain convention (March 2018). Maybe you guys can all join in to make it really worth our while organising?! We’re also in the midst of planning our PCE for Brighton, and there are two other conferences in the pipeline. I’m loving my new role, but it does involve quite a lot of emails and Skype meetings!


I write for an EFL learners magazine and am responsible for the collocations pages. The basic set-up is that we choose two words that are often confused, and show and practice collocations that go with them. For example step/stair, make/do, say/tell. The thing is that I always need two words with about 8 collocations each, which can all be easily visualised, haven’t been covered recently, and lend themselves to written exercises. If you have any ideas, please do let me know!

I’m also writing a piece for a TA’s newsletter about teaching EAP in Germany. I’m a bit worried that what I’m writing makes sense to me, an insider, but won’t be clear or interesting to anyone outside the EAP-in-Germany world. If you were going to read an article like this, what would you be interested in finding out?


I got a bit overly inspired at the beginning of the year and sent off a bunch of proposals to talk at conferences or give webinars. I’m pleased that several of them were accepted, but now I’m trying to juggle writing summaries, creating slides, and booking travel to various events. Actually, there’s not much you can do to help me on this. But if you do see me at a conference in the next 6 months, maybe congratulate me on having made it and given the right presentation in the right place…!

Life Admin

I go through phases of looking ahead in my diary and buying birthday cards, but recently I’ve been a bit lax about posting them on time. I need to get on top of this, especially for international posting! I definitely need to sort my things out before Christmas! How long does a letter take from Germany to the USA?


I really am motivated to blog more. But I don’t really have many great ideas that I think people would be interested in reading about. The #hanachallenge is a cool idea, but I don’t want to post stuff just for the sake of it. Please send inspiration!

5 thoughts on “Who can help with my to-do list?

  1. I am sorry to hear that you are overloaded with all the work, but I think it’s totally worth whatever you do. While you are inspired by other people and events you inspire others as well. I’d say most people would love to hear what you have in mind it’s just about how you wrap it up.
    Maybe you need someone who’s planning all your travels/flights/events.
    Did you already write about what the best ways are to stay organized in a stressful week? Or maybe what you prefer planing in detail and what you do spontaneously? Because it’s not rare that people don’t know where to start when they see a bunch of paper on their desk, but still have to do other important stuff/work.

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  2. Hi Clare, glad to see you are busy with interesting projects! I’ve recently taught EAP in a pre-sessional in the UK and will be looking forward to reading your article. What I would be interested in is something about the ways activities in EAP are typically staged in your teaching context (e.g. just prompt “discuss”, or set one or more pre- and post-discussion tasks? I don’t know if this is relevant to what you intended to write, but hope it helps!


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