My 2017 #teacher5aday Pledges

My 2017 #teacher5aday Pledges

To keep up my wellbeing in 2017, I hereby pledge to…

#CONNECT -Keep in touch with friensd and family near and far more often. Actually call or write to people. Eat lunch with my colleagues at least once a week. Interact more via my blog and those I follow (help me get going by commenting below!), as well as maintaining my PLN on Twitter (help me on this one @Clare2ELT).

#NOTICE – Go for more walks and find more nice places for walks. Praise and thank people for the little things they do. Keep track in my diary not only of appointments and commitments, but also of the #teacher5aday activities I do. Review often.

#LEARN – Join in the #52books2017 reading challenge and read a few books outside of my normal ‘comfort zone’ (recommendations welcome – What books made you really think?). Attend a couple of conferences (most imporantly, IATEFL in Glasgow- see you there?), as well as joining in a few teaching webinars, particularly those on topics new to me. Try to freshen up my French.

#EXERCISE – More yoga. More walks -see above. Go to the gym at least once a week (please hold me accountable to this!). Join at least one fitness challenge this year (please share relevant tips or links!).

#VOLUNTEER – Keep up my contributions to #teacher5adaybuddybox. Help around the house of my friend who’s just had twins! Get more active in local ‘Free your stuff’ activities. And look into giving blood or donaing bone marrow.


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